16x9 Productions optimizes the biggest breakthrough in broadcasting since color TV - High Definition Television (HDTV).

The award-winning company is available for hire by broadcasters to tackle stories as diverse as the Secret Soviet-Manned Space Program of 1960-1974 to the history of women in sports.

16x9 Productions is also available to private companies interested in production sales or information programs.



512.597.2895 (fax)

Austin, TX

"Kristen's a natural. Her instincts and fresh ideas serve clients beautifully with big payoffs in the final product. When collaborating on a project or simply bouncing ideas around, Kristen can inject innovative strategies for transforming good productions into excellent ones. She's an invaluable creative resource; that's why Kristen is on my speed-dial list."

Mike McClare, Senior Producer

Max-Q Digital Group / Honeywell-TSI

“We're still receiving compliments about our high definition presentations after a year. Anyone needing HD content produced should call on 16X9 Productions."

Brian Wright, Audiovisual Specialist

University Relations, Texas A&M University

"Kristen is a wonderful marriage of detail-oriented organization and good old fashioned people skills. She's got the intensity and drive to make a project succeed, but while you're working with her, you never get the feeling that anything is ever out of control."

Michael Rapp, Manager

Creative Services, Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.